Lost & Found

Lost and found
Lost and found items will be on display in the front foyer until March Break, at which time any remaining items will be donated to a local charity. Please visit and have a look to claim any items that you may own.

Pancakes, Pancakes, Pancakes!


Pancakes! Pancakes! Pancakes! Did you know that Tuesday February 17th is Shrove Tuesday, better known as Pancake Tuesday? As part of our grade 8 fundraising efforts, we will be offering a hot pancake lunch for all students from JK – grade 8! For just $5, your child will receive 3 pancakes, a side of syrup, apple slices and a juice box.

Please fill out the attached form and return it to your child’s homeroom teacher by Monday February 9, 2015.

If you wish to order for more than one child, please fill out two separate order forms. Cheques should be made out to Fred C. Cook Public School.  pancake letter


Cinderella and the Frog Prince


On Friday, January 23 there was a play and it was called Cinderella and the Frog Prince.  It was a fun play to watch and participate in.  I was in the play.  It was very cool to watch from behind the scenes.  First, they started in one costume, then they dressed up in another.  They were quiet and quick.  At first I thought I had to change and be quiet and quick too but no, the actors (Alex, Jaydon & Abby) gave me 5 or 6 lines to read and the best part was that I was acting in my p.j’s. No costume, just p.j’s.

The play was about Cinderella not liking the frog for who he was on the inside.  She only saw an ugly green frog but she was missing a lot.  She was missing a fun friend on the inside.  So the frog wished he could be a school student so he could look like everyone else.  That’s where I came in and told Cinderella that I was still the same inside and out.  Finally, Cinderella understood the meaning of friendship.  The message of the play was, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover/don’t judge someone by what they look like on the outside.”

by Sonja P.

Montreal Fundraiser


Grade 8 students will be participating in a bottle drive as a fundraiser for their upcoming spring trip to Montreal.  The students will be heading out into the community on Saturday January, 17 from 10:00 am to approximately 1:30 pm.  Save your empties and we’ll gladly take them in for you. 

Snow Valley Trip

60-off-a-lift-ticket-1-842952-regularOur Snow Valley trip for grades 4-8 is Tuesday, January 6th.  Attendance will be taken inside around 8:45AM so that we can leave ASAP.  We will be returning to FCC around 5:00PM.  Dress for the weather and come prepared for some great Canadian outdoor fun!